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Welcome to the UK’s first and favourite Butlers in the Buff™! You won’t get a better butler from anywhere else!  Most reliable, hottest butlers and the genuine article!  Naked Butlers, Buff Butlers whatever you’d like to call us, we’re THE OFFICIAL BUTLERS IN THE BUFF™.

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What do Butlers in the Buff do?

Naked Buff Butler Surprise!

Ask your naked Butler to greet guests at the door. Their faces will light up when they’re met with ripped abs, beautiful eyes and a cheeky smile!

Hide your butler away in another room then have him appear at a special moment! A great way to surprise the guest of honor, have your butler approach with flowers, chocolates, glass of champagne or a pretty drink!

Cheeky Party Gameshen Party Ideas uk butlers in the buff

Butlers in the Buff work really well hosting party games and are the perfect ice breakers. Have all your guests interacting with the Butler and pump up your party!
Download our party games and print off your favorites! Get the games here!

Cocktails anyone? Party butlers in the buff hen party cocktails


Why not get your naked butlers to mix cocktails – as our butlers are not professionally trained


mixoligists they will need a recipe and all the ingredients.


Here are some great cocktail recipes to download.

Just provide your Butler with the ingredients required and the equipment needed!

Sexy Bar ServiceButlers in the Buff

They are happy to make and serve your drinks. Or ask him to mingle with your guests, topping up glasses.


Food Service

using-you-butler03Your Buff Butler can walk around with trays of appetizers, or serve the table at a dinner party. He’ll even do the washing up!
When its BBQ season use your butler to help with serving from the BBQ.

Butlers in the Buff are on hand to cater to your every need. Your butler is there to work so if anyone needs anything fetching or carrying just let the butler know and he will be happy to take care of it.

Stuck for ideas?

using-you-butler04For more ideas visit our how to use your butler page. competitions and more photos like our Instagram and Facebook page.

Important tips to remember about Butlers in the Buff:

We choose only the best guys so please respect them!

Our cheeky Butlers are entertaining-not entertainment! Butlers in the Buff are servers and hosts…not performers.

You can’t touch this…

Well, kind of, please include your butlers in your party games, photos, etc. appropriate touching of your butlers is fine but please be respectful. 🙂


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