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Every hen party should have fabulous hen party games that break the ice, get everyone chatting, laughing and help make the party memorable. Our ‘Best Hen Party Games’ FREE download are super popular and loved by all.  They even feature unique games not found anywhere else:  One in particular ‘Breast Who’ was created by our very own naked butler from Bristol Butler in the Buff Carlos!

Our Hen party games are current as our Butlers keep up-to-date with their experiences and love sharing unique and creative party games. We are always sharing ideas between our offices in Australia, North America, and South Africa so even traditional games can be reworked and, of course, spiced up with a Butler in the Buff or two to lend a hand!

From the classic Mr and Mrs quiz questions, beer pong and flippy cup to hen party games with balloons, blindfolds, saucy and clean versions!  Butlers in the Buff has it all!

Hen Party Games: White Wedding

This twist on the wedding dress game packs lots of creative flair and ingenuity. Teams compete for the best dress design modeled by a gorgeous Butler in the Buff! There's no shortage of camp, ego, and glamour as this hands on game delivers the laughter. Take turns with one butler or try it with two! Full game instructions are available from our pack.
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Hen Party Games: Pop the Cherry

It's no rumor - this can be done! Get your Butler in the Buff involved in preparing the shots. All you need are shot glasses, liquor, cherries and whipping cream. There won't be a soul at the party who won't want to see a gorgeous man wielding a can of whip! Bonus prize for those who can tie a knot in the cherry stem. Hands behind back of course.
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Hen Party Games: Hey -Kiss My...

This game truly has more blindfolds and lipstick than a 50 shades novel. Ok only one blindfold-but a blindfold that is placed on the participant by a scantily clad Butler in the Buff is pretty hot too. Pin up a full length poster of the bride to be's favourite celebrity hottie. Whack on some bright lipstick and be spun round by your helpful hunk. Then aim to plant a kiss on the naughty bit! Posters can range from current heart throbs to all out rude pin ups. Full game instructions are available from our pack.
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Hen Party Games: Bridget Jones' Big Pants Dash

A race that is not for the faint of heart! Thanks to Ms. Felding-demand for big pants grew into pants for two! This is a naughty, naughty version of a three legged race that will have everyone in stitches. Using 'Fundies' underwear for two (available on Amazon). For the ultimate challenge add a blindfold for the 'leader' to wear or create an obstacle course to work through. Full game instructions are available from our pack.
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Hen Party Games: Sexy Lingerie Piñata

This game from America caters to all tastes. Its competitive, sexy and a fun memento for the bride to be. Each guest will need to contribute a piece of lingerie or panty in advance that represents their personality! Popular ideas are nautical themed pants for beach lovers, basque for the sultry and boyshorts for the sporty. After the pinata is broken why not up the ante and create a fantastic guessing game with forfeits! Full game instructions are available from our pack.
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Hen Party Games: Prosecco Pong

Move over beer, Prosecco Pong is the new drinking game that everyone is talking about. See our blog to find our where you can buy it!
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Top tips for hen party game success

1) Know your group. The best games are the ones that have just the right amount of challenge and naughty factor! Find out whether your party goers are going to be cool and classic, wild and feisty or somewhere in between.

2) Plan your space. Have your games work with the decor of the party. A giant cardboard penis may look a little much if your theme is a subdued one! Hen party games should compliment not only the decor but the space you have available.

3) Maximum involvement. Have your Butler in the Buff announce the games, read off instructions  and hand out materials. These handsome hunks know exactly how to get maximum involvement for shy or reluctant groups. Don’t forget games are a great photo opportunity!

4) Ice-breaker: No one knows how to break (or melt!) the ice better than a helpful, hunky Butler in the Buff. Always the gentleman, your Butler in the Buff will have your guests from work, college and family mixing, chatting and giggling together in no time at all.

5) Save the drinks for last: Even if the highlight of your girlfriends week is wine Wednesday don’t forget to pace the party! Plan the order that you play the games to bring out the drinking games at or near the end.

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