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Naked Butlers Milton Keynes

Welcome to Naked Butlers Milton Keynes.  One interesting statistic about Milton Keynes is that 45% of its population are married which is well above the national average.  What does this mean for us in relation to naked butlers, well it means that a lot of hen parties take place in Milton Keynes and lots of hen parties means lots of naked butlers and lots of naked butlers is only a good thing, the more the merrier as we say.

There is a lot going on in Milton Keynes, it’s got the longest shopping centre in the World at over 1km long.  Wow, that’s a lot of shops.  They loved music here in Milton Keynes with the National Bowl everyone who is anyone in the world of music has performed there at some stage from Michael Jackson and David Bowie to Queen and Robbie Williams.  So as you can imagine the night life in Milton Keynes is suburb.

Fun fact: Milton Keynes is an anagram of silent monkey.

We don’t just show off one or two of our best guys, we literally have hundreds of butlers around the country so we never let you down.  Check them out on our photo gallery and here are some videos of our butlers in actions

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Nationwide…including Milton Keynes

We have over 500 cheeky semi naked butlers all over the UK.

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